Red Teaming

Use Spark Intent  as the delegated devil's advocate to purposefully critically evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your S&C and sport science service. 

Specific Expertise

Outstanding expertise in strength and power programming, recovery solutions, conditioning, resisted sprinting and physical performance monitoring

Value of justification

A strong department has reasons for every intervention they make. We can help you differentiate between the useful and interesting.

Assessment of staff and athlete engagement

How can we create a feel-good factor around your environment? How can we devise standards that are valued by every individual?

Staff satisfaction

We can provide an analysis and solution for intra-department challenges such as staff satisfaction and staff engagement. 


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Specific Expertise


Building a Vision and Values for your Performance Department

Develop a strategy that will enhance knowledge, performance and staff well-being. 

GPS & Heart Rate data for improved performance in team sports

We work beyond the levels of metres per minute and spreadsheets. We have an excellent track record of collecting, reflecting and successfully using information that really matters in team sports. Call us to hear about a higher level of thinking. 

Resisted Sprint Expertise

Spark Intent are world-renowned for their research and practical application of resisted sprinting.

Strength and Power expertise

Spark Intent have years of experience enhancing the transferable strength and power characteristics of athletes for Olympic Games and International performance.

Building a 'Winning Model'

Align your department's vision