Enhanced report writing and presentations for excellent athlete engagement

  Athletes and coaches will become excited to digest  your daily GPS reports or monthly physical reviews. Your reports will appeal to their internal desire to improve. Your data will become a training intent tool.   

Excellent knowledge to satisfy an athlete's psychological needs

Autonomy, Relatedness and Competency (ARC) must be satisfied for an athlete to transform sub-optimal motivation into a self-determined desire to get better. Spark Intent will coach your staff to higher levels of understanding ARC.

Improved conversations with athletes

How do you approach each athlete? Do you know why they compete each week? How do you ask questions? Spark Intent can help. 

Athletes who appreciate effort

How can we create a feel-good factor around your environment? How can we devise standards that are valued by every individual?

A values-driven department

We will help you create your own department vision and values to maximise player effort and decision making.

Athletes who WANT to make excellent decisions on and off the field

Create an autonomy-supportive environment where athletes turn the 'have to' into 'want to'.


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